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What is RentBetter?

RentBetter is for property owners who want to cut out the middle man and maximise their return on investment by renting out their property themselves. Use RentBetter to advertise your commercial property on and Australia’s two largest property advertising websites.

If you would like to advertise a residential property, please visit our residential site at

How does it work?

At RentBetter, we’re focussed on empowering commercial property owners to find tenants and manage their property themselves. Using RentBetter, owners can upload details of their property to advertise the property on popular commercial property advertising websites (e.g., and and respond directly to applicant queries.

How do I get started? 

Simply click on the ‘create your ad‘ button to set-up an account, then add the details of your property and you’re ready to go…

Do I need special software to get started? 

Rentbetter is an online solution and no software is required. Simply follow the ‘create your ad‘ link, and add the details of your rental property.

How much does it cost? 

We charge a flat fee of $299 to advertise your commercial property. No ongoing charges or fees, just $299 to advertise until your property is rented

What if I forget my username or password? 

Simply select ‘forgot password’ from the sign in page and follow the prompts. We will email you a link to reset your password.

When will I get confirmation that my ad has posted? 

Once you have submitted your ad, our team will review the ad to make sure nothing critical is missing. After confirming your ad is ready to be published, you will then receive a confirmation from RentBetter with the link to the online ads.

Can I edit my ad? 

Yes, just log back in and select ‘edit ad’ from the my properties page.

If you need help you can always contact us at and we’ll help you make the changes.

What if I need more help? 

Contact us at

How secure is my information? 

The privacy and security of members is a priority for us at RentBetter. High-security measures are enforced in order to maintain the security and integrity of customer information. Administrative access is restricted to only a small number of approved employees. A username and password is required to authenticate all users and security measures are in place to verify all password changes. For more information, please email us at for further information on website security.

Why am I not receiving email notifications? 

The most common reason that emails are not received is because of aggressive spam filters on email servers. Check your spam or junk mail folder for your RentBetter email notification and select “this is not junk” to add our address to your safe list.

How long does it take for my ads to go live?

Our team will review the ad to make sure nothing is missing, and then you will receive an email confirming it is live within 2-4 hours of payment.

How long will my ads run for?

Your ad will run for as long as it takes for you to find a tenant. We want you to find a good quality tenant, so we don’t place time restrictions on your ad.